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Lucy, our inspiration.

Meet my beautiful girl, Lucy!  Her story isn’t your “typical” rescue story, but she needed to be rescued from her situation through no fault of her own.  She was born to a breeder and she had the oddly uncommon disease called puppy strangles.  It is a type of cellulitis- an infection that affects the eyes, lips and muzzle. 


A trucker hat with performance fabrications making this hat the go to favorite on the tri and run scene today!! 

Men’s Black E2 Mesh Shirt

A market leader, designed for breathability, stretch, fit, and an unsurpassed hand-feel.

Women’s Blue V-Neck E2 Mesh Shirt

A runner’s favorite, again and again, which easily transitions from race day to the gym and beyond.

How it works

Shop and Change Dogs’ Lives

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dogs' lives change

Participation in endurance sports takes heart, courage, dedication and an unwavering impulse to “TRI”.

At Tri Dog, we want our gear to echo the same truth by spreading awareness and promoting the power of Rescue.

With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to select rescue organizations.

A Triathlete often attributes their success to the love and support of family and friends. Shelter dogs deserve and need that same chance for someone to believe in them.

Our love for dogs and rescue is what drives our mission and commitment for success on this journey.  That is why we offer the finest performance apparel and headwear.

Join us to inspire and influence others to help make a difference in a shelter dog’s life.


Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts!


Donations from the sales on this website will be going to the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance.
Since 2009, BDRA volunteers have rescued over 500 visually impaired dogs across the United States and Canada.
They work to rescue blind dogs, assist their owners, and educate the public about these wonderful dogs.

What Drives Us


Raise funds and awareness while saving and changing the lives of dogs.
Dogs need us to be their voice, their advocates and they need us to be the difference between life and death.
Rescue, Adopt, Foster, Transport, Volunteer, Educate, and Care!